Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mixed up figures in "Divergence of TFBS across related yeast species"

I am a PhD student at CS Dept, Univ of Washington, Seattle. From your Science paper "Divergence of TFBS across related yeast species" I have some questions.
  • Should Fig 2C be current Fig 2E?
  • Should Fig 2D_1 be current Fig 2C?
  • Should Fig 2E be current Fig 2D_1?
Looks like the Figure legend was mixed up. The text in the paper matches
up with the Figure, but in the legend parts C-E are mixed up. It should

Comparison of binding by Ste12 and Tec1 across S. cerevisiae (red), S.
mikatae (blue), and S. bayanus (green). (A) Conserved binding. (B)
Conserved binding with quantitative signal differences. (C) Species-specific
binding despite conserved consensus sequences. (D) Binding only in S.
mikatae and S. bayanus. (E) Conserved binding with loss of consensus
sequences in one species. ChIp-chip enrichment signals are shown (log 2
ratios). Circles and squares represent matches to Tec1 PWM and Ste12
PWM, respectively. Triangles, nonconserved peaks; **, >2-fold difference
in peak signal intensity; *, >1.5-fold difference in peak signal

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