Monday, November 3, 2008

I have studied your article "The role of disorder in interaction networks :a structural analysis". I am trying to get a list of hub -party and date- and non-hub proteins, so I am trying to get the datasets you used; however, I cant find the datasets. And so what I am asking for is that is it possible that you guide me to get the dataset somehow?

thank you for your interest in our paper. To answer your question, we employed the datasets provided as supplemental material by Han et al.,
Bertin et al. and Batada et al. Hereafter are the reference of those papers:

  • Han JDJ, et al, (2004) Nature 430, 88-93

  • Bertin N. et al, (2007) PloS Biol, 5(6):e153

  • Batada NN et al. (2007) PloS Biol, 5(6):e154

From Han et al., Supplementary table S1 includes date and party hub information. In our paper, this is referred as FYI 2004. From Bertin et al, we used the filtered-HC Protein-Protein Interaction dataset, provided as Supplementary table S1; called FYI 2007 in our paper.

From the Batada et al. paper, we used the High-Confidence Interaction Dataset provided as Dataset S1 in the Supplementary information . As described in our paper, hubs are then defined as ORFs with more than 10 interacting partners. Finally, to determine which hub is a party or date
hub, we computed the co-expression correlation with their partners. Party hubs have a correlation higher than 0.25 with their interacting partners.

In order to perform the correlation analysis, we employed thecompendium dataset by Huges et al. [ Cell (2000) 102:109-126 ].