Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Turning morph to a movie

I have a morph I created some time ago that illustrates an essential motion in the protein I study. I'd like to have the morph as part of my thesis talk. Can I turn it into a movie that I can store on my computer and have as a part of my power point presentation (in other words, can I have a copy of it so that I don't have to access the webpage?). How do I do this? Are there obvious directions on teh webpage that I"m just missing?

On the jmol morph page you will see a link that says:

Orient the molecule to your liking and then:
Generate high-res gif

Unfortunately it is just a wireframe animation. I had it set to do cartoons but for some reason it's back to wireframe now.

Alternatively, you can download the interpolated trajectory, then animate using vmd or jmol.

Look for an NMR-formatted PDB file called movie.pdb here:

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